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Drama drama fun

Icons, me, and more

10 April
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Hey guys!i'm Ny and this is about me(duh!!)!I'm a total DRAMA QUEEN. Luv purple! And Pugs!I'm Christian and luv church and christian music its all I listen 2 i have a CD case with 40 CD spots almost half of the slots have 2 cds in them ( oh and im a spoild little brat!yah!)! I LUV WAY FM!!!! I go to EKHS, freshmen class of 2009!!! i love reading,chinese food,music,and doing girly stuff.i luv luv luv the Clique books by Lisi Harrison. Cant wait for the next 1. HATE sports (and cheese but i say cheese all the time. its like darn or crap or just random!!) !!i live with only my mom,i'm an only child,i get like every thing i want (i know vain much!)im like in luv with sims 2 and runscape!!maybe this should...LOOK SHOES! And I love love love RPGs! the queen, Ny